Who Doesn’t Love a Good #GDPR Chuckle?

March 27, 2018 Michelle Miles

Marketer laughing with post-it note stuck to forehead

Marketers, how are you holding up? Are you keeping your chin up as you continue to plug along in your GDPR preparations? I’m right there with you—I know the path to GDPR compliance has not been an easy journey. And if you’re feeling like me, you might be in need of a little GDPR comic relief right about now. So in our continuous quest to support our fellow marketers, Perkuto’s content team has scoured Twitter to find creative GDPR posts that your colleagues around the world have tweeted. Here are a few of our favorites:

When your son doesn’t take #GDPR quite as seriously as you do pic.twitter.com/ILmjEBXmX3

— Sinead O’Connor (@compliancesoc) January 15, 2018


#GDPR Better safe than sorry….. pic.twitter.com/SUIh828TGg

— Daan Bakboord 📈 (@daanbakboord) March 17, 2018


When your local has a better privacy notice than most multinational corporations..
#gdpr pic.twitter.com/i2UJ53PxvC

— Jessica S (@JessicaS_PZ) March 20, 2018


When the GDPR trainer tells you that books taken home to be marked need to be stored in a safe & you need to write a policy for this #GDPR #laughingoutloud pic.twitter.com/l1WCITRotk

— Missis Doubleya (@pickleholic) March 20, 2018


GDPR: Serious Business for Marketers

All kidding aside, we know GDPR is no laughing matter and should be taken seriously, especially now that we’re in the final stretch with the compliance deadline looming ahead. “Are you Ready for GDPR?” is still the question of the day, and the topic of an upcoming webinar that we’ll be presenting in partnership with Marketo and Uberflip. I’ll be teaming up with Marketo’s Sr. Director of EMEA Marketing Peter Bell and Uberflip’s Director of Revenue Marketing Tara Robertson to help marketers understand what’s required for compliance, discuss the topic of “consent” and explore the implications of GDPR on your operations and the systems you use every day. This free presentation runs live on April 4 at 11:00 am EDT and we’d love for you to join us. Additionally, get a sneak preview of what we’ll be covering on Uberflip’s blog where Tara and I have a conversation about consent, data collection and the always popular question: is there any workaround to GDPR? Check it out, and, don’t forget to sign up for the webinar! Until then, keep your head high and don’t stop laughing…it’s good medicine for curing the GDPR blues and soothing your GDPR soul.

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