Introducing the Crescendos: Jordan Stoffmaker

February 19, 2016 Jordan Stoffmaker

jordan stoffmker perkuto crescendo teamHey There! I’m Jordan, one of the newest members of the Crescendo team at Perkuto. I bring 5+ years of experience in Marketing and Sales from different industries. My primary business interests are in eCommerce, Disruptive Innovation, Marketing Analytics, Marketing Strategy, and leveraging technology to help businesses make better decisions and generate higher ROI. Away from the office, I am ruled by my love for sports (thanks to the polar vortex in Montreal; mostly hockey and snowboarding).

Why I joined Perkuto

I first encountered Marketing Automation by way of the Marketo Definitive Guides (which you can find here) while doing my undergrad and then further in my work experience (albeit, in poorly integrated silos). I may have been a little late to the party, but I quickly realized the significance and importance of Marketing Automation and that that businesses needed a better way of connecting sales and marketing, leveraging this new and innovative technology. I was attracted to Perkuto based on their reputation as veritable leaders in the Marketo and Marketing Automation communities, their commitment to innovation and constant improvement, and am excited to work with a team of handpicked experts from around the world.

What I love About Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation gives marketers new power in terms of analytics and attribution within a single centralized platform, in real time. As marketing initiatives become more large and complex (thank you the Internet); Marketing Automation provides full scalability and is the most intuitive tool for marketers to deploy more marketing programs en masse and give them the ability to reach their clients no matter where they are located. With a powerful analytics engine (like Marketo’s), marketers have the ability to track outcomes in real time to deliver the highest possible ROI; analysing which initiatives work and which do not from either a granular or broad approach. In addition, Marketing Automation allows marketers to integrate all of their marketing activities with their marketing analytics; moving from decentralized creative and analytics silos to a fully centralized and scalable MarTec solution, customizable at the flip of a switch.

What Scares me About Marketing Automation

There are many key tenets in Marketing Automation and understanding (and deploying) every single one is a very significant undertaking, humbling even experts; just look at the progression of the MarTec Landscape over the past decade. With the rate of change in technology, it is easy to become inundated with trying everything immediately; purchasing every shiny new marketing toy that you can get your hands on, without really knowing how to use or how to generate value from them. The major key to success in Marketing Automation is understanding the Marketing Technology Maturity Model (which you can read more about here) and aligning it to your marketing goals with reasonable expectations. Fortunately, Marketo has an extensive content library, University, and active community; all tools available to you to test the water without venturing out of the safe harbour before you are ready. In Marketing Automation, like in martial arts, precision beats power and timing beats speed; be aware of your evolution, take your time, do not try and take shortcuts; results will come.


The Coolest Thing I’ve Learned

So far, I have been most blown away by Marketo’s powerful analytics engine; giving marketers the ability to test, measure, and optimize marketing ROI; thus, showing marketing’s impact on company revenue (more information can be found here). Traditionally, marketing was viewed as a cost center; however, with Marketing Automation, marketing has transformed into a major revenue driver. With Marketo’s centralized approach to lead management, analytics, marketing activities, and creative design studio; companies now have the ability to effectively track and analyse costs and revenues at any stage; giving them the power to understand what worked, what didn’t work, and where there is room for improvement. Marketing Automation allows marketers to follow leads throughout their entire journey, from unknown to purchase. Marketo’s analytics engine can be deployed at all stages of the marketing and sales cycle and is fully scalable to track even the most complicated marketing initiatives; thereby, allowing for better business decisions in the short run and generate higher ROI in the long run.

Follow my journey to more success at or reach out to me directly on LinkedIn.

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